Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice


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This is a must-read for every software developer!
Here are some important points:

  • Engineers are hired to create business value, not to program things.
  • Producing beautiful software is not a goal. Solving complex technical problems is not a goal. Writing bug-free code is not a goal. Using sexy programming languages is not a goal. Add revenue. Reduce costs. Those are your only goals.
  • If you call yourself a programmer, someone is already working on a way to get you fired.
  • … Describe yourself by what you have accomplished for previously employers vis-a-vis increasing revenues or reducing costs.
  • If you have not had the opportunity to do this yet, describe things which suggest you have the ability to increase revenue or reduce costs, or ideas to do so.
  • Anyone describing themselves as either a Java programmer or .NET programmer has already lost
  • A good engineer has a track record of — repeat after me — increasing revenue or decreasing costs.
  • People who are skilled in negotiation make more than those who are not.
  • The dominant quality which gets you jobs is the ability to give people the perception that you will create value.
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